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Mapping the Accessibility of South African Higher Education Institutions

In South Africa the promotion of student accessibility in tertiary education is of great necessity.

This project aims at mapping the accessibility of South African Higher  Education Institutions including Universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training Colleges (TVETs) to students with disabilities. The main aim for MapAbility is to evaluate the process of integration for students with disabilities and to enhance their inclusion to the local community. In South Africa the promotion of student accessibility in Tertiary Education is of great necessity. The project aims to eventually list all 26 Universities and 50 TVETs on a map of South Africa.


A prospective student can access the map to view what is available at each institution in terms of access. Contact details and further information on each institution is also provided. This map will be updated regularly and will hopefully encourage institutions to enhance what they have on offer regarding access for students with disabilities.

All information of the universities and TVET’s has been provided by the specific institutions. Please contact If any updates are required. If your institution has not completed a questionnaire please send an email and we will forward the questionnaire to you.

The design of this project is to encourage and support in making Universities and TVETs more accessible nationwide.

Access the HEDSA MapAbility Map:

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