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Higher and Further Education Disability Services Association (HEDSA) 

HEDSA is an advocacy and rights-based non-profit organisation representing disability services in Higher and Further Education Institutions in South Africa, and is recognised and endorsed by the Department of Higher Education and Training, as well as being accepted as a community of practice by Universities South Africa. HEDSA comprises of institutions of Higher and Further Education and Training, striving to ensure equal opportunities for all students with disabilities.

Core objectives of HEDSA:


To work towards ensuring equal opportunities for all students with disabilities by:

  • Stimulating and facilitating dialogue and critical reflection

  • Promoting equity, diversity and inclusivity within all Higher Education institutions

  • Networking and cooperating with national bodies, such as Universities South Africa, CHE and NGOs

  • Facilitating collaboration at a national level, and promoting the creation of an inclusive environment in all HEDSA activities


To assist Higher and further Education Institutions by:


  • Supporting them in advocacy and disability-related areas of change  management

  • Identifying current issues and areas of need, with specific reference to students with disabilities in higher education

  • Undertaking various projects or programmes that are achievable, affordable and appropriate

  • Encouraging research, collaboration and development

For more information on the HEDSA constitution, please click here.

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